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Once Upon A Time – Story Telling Through Craft

The Once Upon a Time resource, which is based on a knitting exhibition recently displayed at the Customs House’s Art Gallery, is an interactive tool which teaches young people about story telling through textiles and encourages them to create stories of their own.

This resource has been designed to support the development of young people’s traditional handicraft skills leading to the creation and telling of stories through textiles. This resource is suitable to use with young people from ages six upward.

The resource can be used to support the following Schemes of Work for:

  • Art and Design
  • Design Technology
  • Literacy: Exploring Traditional Tales

The resource includes:

  • Virtual Gallery Tour
  • Image Bank
  • Teacher Notes
  • Whiteboard Activities
  • Story Creator software

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Resources are compatible with PCs running Windows 98 or later and Apple Macs running OSX.

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